About Us

We are a Victorian based, family run micro-distillery sourcing ingredients from local businesses and Australian suppliers.

The store started as place to sell hand sanitiser during shortages of COVID19 and make it more widely available but also not forgetting that distillate could be more than topical, it is consumable!

Our hand sanitiser is based on science. With our healthcare backgrounds, we wanted a product that we would use at work - high alcohol content, gentle on skin, non-stick and pleasant on the nose.

During the winter season, we are able to source and sell locally grown truffles from the Bellarine Peninsula, Vic. Click the link in the menu to learn more.

We realised that we needed to be able to reach people in an easily accessible manner to sell our products and wanted to focus on our community and local resources first.

With the help of our local community (family) and social networks, Panacea|Distillery was born.